On July 19, 2012, I lost a baby, a sweet boy named Gabriel. His loss has been my greatest pain, just as his life has been my greatest joy. Ever since our baby left us, I have found new beauty in the world. I have come to believe that when children depart this earth, they leave imprints of beauty all around, little symbols to remind us they were once here, and though their souls are in Heaven, remnants of their precious spirits will always surround us.

Downloading Your Photos:

You are welcome to download your child's photos! To do so, enlarge the image by (LEFT) clicking on it. You should see it expand on your screen. Then RIGHT click on the image and select "SAVE IMAGE AS". The photos will download as medium to high-res JPEG images.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I have been so busy lately, but I wanted to post a quick update!

1. Alanna's flower pictures have been posted to my FB gallery. I am planning to post her blog entry here later today or tomorrow. 

2. Release photos for Alanna, Ethan & Finley have been uploaded to the FB gallery in a separate album called "Beach Release Photos". I will not be posting release photos here on the blog so please download them directly from my FB page. 

3. I have uploaded Finley's name in the sand picture to my FB gallery. Ethan and Alanna's name in the sand pictures will be posted shortly... I want to apologize for the delay, but both of these pictures need to be photo-edited as the names are too dark and I want them to be clearly visible.

4. The wait list has been updated as of 5 minutes ago... see the right side bar on this blog page. If you do not see your child's name, it means that unfortunately I did not get your request, so please email me if this is the case. 

5. My next trip to the garden is going to be in 2 weeks, which means I will start posting new photos in about 3 weeks, starting with Calypso. I apologize for the delay, but I am so behind on a few other projects. THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted a request... this is such an honor for me! And THANK YOU for your continued patience!   

Sending everyone LOVE and PRAYERS today!


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